5 FOOD ITEMS THAT HELP PREVENT HAIR LOSS February 02 2015, 0 Comments

A healthy mind and head only belong to a healthy body. And for a healthy body you need proper rest, exercise and of course good food too!

Here are 5 amazing food items that will help you keep the hair on your head healthy:

# Carrots: Carrots are known to have a lot of natural Vitamin A which is a vital nutrient for hair growth. Moreover, they hardly contain any harmful fats. Regularly consuming carrots with a yoghurt based dip or those braised with some butter are known to promote healthy hair growth. Another interesting fact to note here is that the oils on carrot and even butter help the body to absorb the vitamins. However, keep in mind that carrots should be avoided by those who are already consuming any form of vitamin supplements or multi-vitamins

# Fish: Fish are known to be rich in good fats such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These acids help in balancing the overall oil levels of the human body. This in turn, helps in reducing the itching sensation on the scalp and also helps in minimizing flakiness. Other food items which contain healthy amounts of Omega-3 acids are Trout, Flax Seeds and Sardines.

# Spinach: Spinach is perhaps one of the best sources of Vitamin C. This leafy green food item help controlling the overall oil production on the scalp. For those having very oily hair, consuming any type of foods containing good amounts of Vitamin C such as spinach or even Oranges, Lemons and Sweet Limes can help n reducing the excess amount of oil. Spinach also contains Vitamin A which helps in increasing the overall rate of hair growth on the scalp. Food items like bell peppers, peppers, broccoli and even tomatoes are known to be rich in Vitamin C.

# Beef: Beef contains Zinc which revitalizes and energises hair growth. As such, it can be an outstanding addition to your daily diet! Also, Zinc is also known to be essential for managing the immune system and thus maintain our overall health. Beef also contains Iron which, besides promoting healthy hair growth helps the immune system. However, people who consume any form of Zinc supplements should strictly avoid beef as an excess of Zinc can lead to a deficiency in Copper which can have negative effects on the body.

# Chicken: A deficiency in proteins can result in drastic hair and even weight loss. Sometimes, high levels of deficiency have even proved to be fatal. While the damage due to protein deficiency takes a lot of time to manifest itself and exhibit symptoms, the regeneration process is even longer and at times, it can take months for hair to start growing back and normal hair growth to be restored. Chicken breast is known to be a very healthy source of proteins for the body while at the same time it is low on fat which makes it perfect for us!
So keep in mind these commonly available 5 food items for taking care of your hair growth and preventing hair loss !

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