HAIR THINNING ON THE CROWN AREA February 02 2015, 0 Comments

A lot of us seriously do not pay attention to the problems like hair thinning on the crown and hair loss until it becomes really seriously and the effects are noticeable. What starts in a subtle and innocuous manner with just a few strands falling away every time you comb or brush your hair soon becomes a major problem with visible bald patches and thinning of hair all over the scalp. This is often proved to be embarrassing for men and at times even for women who make them go scurrying to all possible places for a quick fix solution.

# While there are indeed a number of people who will claim to provide miracle drugs, shampoos and all the other stuff to take care of the problem, you will soon realize that none of them work. Ultimately, you will either resign to your fate and start wearing a cap or hat and try to just live with it. However, fear not for there are REAL solutions to the problem that can indeed take care of the problem of hair thinning on the crown. But first we need to understand the basis of the problem and also the reasons behind the same.

# What causes Hair thinning on the crown?
While there are a lot many reasons for the problem of hair loss, the main reason for bald patches is known to be a hormone called DHT. Once DHT gets into our blood stream, it causes the hair follicles to choke and that leads to thinning of the hair. Eventually, the hair follicles will die off and there will be no re-growth of hair possible. This is what we normally know as balding.

# Why you need to be worried?
The main reason to worry is that there are a lot of day-to-day factors that cause hair thinning and balding. Also, a growing number of our population is affected by the same; some of them being as young as 28! The main causes are irregular food habits and bad diets which deprive the hair of vital nutrients and a stressful lifestyle.

The Solutions:
Now the best part about hair loss is that can easily be controlled, prevented or even eliminated with a few changes in our lifestyle and some medical treatments.

Firstly, ensure that you eat the right foods at the right time. Just like you need calcium for the bones, you need proteins, minerals and vitamins for your hair. These nutrients help combating DHT and thus prevent chocking of the follicles. You can also use supplements for these products. Also, if there have been serious issues of hair loss then consult a specialist who can probably recommend medication and some shampoos that can stimulate the scalp and hair.

Secondly, make sure that you deal with stress the right way. Studies show that stress is the main reason for hair loss after genetic and hereditary reasons. Do not let it completely consume you. Instead use it to channel your energies in the right direction, thus making the most of it. Contrary to popular perception, research suggests that we can actually harness the negativity caused by stress and stressful situations to work better!

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