5 FACTORS THAT HARM YOUR HAIR February 02 2015, 0 Comments

Today, hair loss is the most common issue faced by teenagers and adult. Although women are less prone to hair loss than men, yet she tries hard to save them. But in the quest of getting beautiful and radiant hair we mostly end up damaging them. While there are many treatments to take care of such damage, it is first important to know the cause of hair damage.

Here are some major factors that harm your hair and give you bad hair days!

# Pollution – Pollution and exposure to sun can do maximum harm to your hair. Dirt from pollution makes your hair dull and dry, causing further breakage. And strong ultra violet rays from sun makes your hair streaky and greasy, which again spoils the core layer of scalp. Make sure you cover your hair while stepping out.

# Styling – Of course, styling your hair sounds irresistible, but those harsh treatments like blow dry, flat irons, straightening, and curling often can cause hair loss. Chemicals used in such treatment makes your hair brittle and harsh. Limit the usage of such treatment and make sure only professionals do these kinds of job.

# Coloring – Coloring is one of the common things done to hide grey hair, but many people color their hair for styling purpose. Hair color has chemicals that take away melanin from our hair and gives artificial color. Using henna is the better choice if you want to color your hair.

# Washing often – Washing hair on every day basis can dissolve natural oil from our hair, making it dull and lifeless. It is good to wash your hair once in three days to avoid maximum damage. Also your hair is weakest when it is wet, so always brush them only after it dry off entirely.

# Bad Eating Habits – Incorporating junk and oily food to your diet will not only have adverse effect on hair but on entire body. So taking fresh fruits and vegetable, enough protein and nutrients along with plenty of water will make your strong and shine.

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