Physiological Causes of Hair Loss March 04 2015, 0 Comments

Before we get to the details of hair loss, let us first understand the basics. Firstly, normal ageing and growth is NOT a cause for hair loss in men or even women. During the course of our daily lives, we tend to lose hundreds of strands of hair simply due to brushing and also ageing. Now this can look like an awful lot, especially for women who have got really long hair but if you compare that with the overall hair on your body, this is actually a fairly small amount.

However, one needs to start taking things more seriously if he or she notices even a single or multiple bald patches on the head or if one observes clumps of hair falling when they are either styling or washing their hair. But before they start searching World Wide Web for possible causes and medication, the first thing that needs to be done is to understand the cause of hair loss. In almost all cases there is always a specific cause attached to the hair loss.

Here are some of the physiological causes of hair loss that one should be aware of:

An improper and imbalanced diet is perhaps one of the main reasons for hair loss in men and especially women. Also, it is important to note here that women who are anemic are often known to suffer from an aggravated condition of hair loss.

When it comes to women over the age of 30, perhaps the primary cause of hair loss is menopause. The changes in the hormonal patterns in women are known to lead to alarming levels of hair loss and as if that was not enough, in many cases, the hair loss caused due to these changes can even be permanent.

Frequent use of chemical rich medications and too much shampoo that create a lot of lather are known to be prime causes of hair loss. Lather contains an ingredient called surfactant which can cause irritation on the scalp and lead to an increase in scratching. This results in aggravated hair loss.

Improper scalp hygiene and hair care is also a notable reason that leads to eventual hair loss. Using too many cosmetics, chemical rich hair colors, curling tongs and straightening irons can lead to substantial hair loss. I am sure many women may have noticed this quite often while they go for a shower.

Stress in all its different forms; mental, physical and emotional can lead to a lot of hair loss in both men as well as women. Also, in many if not all cases this hair loss is permanent too! Sudden tragic events that cause extreme depression such as divorce or death of someone really close can also cause hair loss. 

However, the good news here is that this hair loss is often temporary and hair growth does resume and even come back to normal after a few months or so.

Lastly, many physiological conditions and ailments such as lupus, hypertension, diabetes and thyroid related problems can also lead to hair loss and eventual balding. These conditions however need to be diagnosed by a doctor for better treatment.

While the causes of hair loss are many, there are also sufficient treatments available that can take care of the problems and even cure it completely. All that one needs to do is consult an expert medical practitioner.

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